Hi I’m Don, the janitor at Atlantis High. I’m the best person in Sunset Cove to talk about food because no one loves food more than me. Here is my guide to food.


Why do we need food? How anyone could even ask this question is beyond me. Food is just the best! We need food to keep our bodies running. We’re a carefully oiled machine and food is essential to keep us going. We also need the right foods – most people would say we need vitamins, minerals, protein etc etc. But I know that all we really need is potato chips.

What are the best types of food?

The best food for me has to be one of two things – either really fatty or really sweet. Food has to taste good and we all know that fatty food and sweet food tastes the best.

But if you’re health conscious and don’t mind your greens then vegetables and fruit are great – they contain lots of essential vitamins that keep you healthy and full of energy – for me personally “blaaahhhh!”

My favourite food

Hmmmmmmm I luuuuurrrrrve potato chips and marshmallows. Potato chips are great because they have so much flavour. The feeling you get when you put one in your mouth…..”cccrrruunnnncchhh!” The excitement as your tastebuds realise what your eating and the feeling of satisfaction as you realise you have more to come.

Marshmallows are the sweet of sweets. The texture is fabulous – soft, chewy, sweet, and you can suck all the air out of them – but I can’t just stop with one – if there’s a bowl full then I just have to eat them all.

One of the best moments in my life

I remember the day so clearly – it was the middle of summer and I had just bought my 3rd packet of chips for the day. I was nearly at the bottom of the pack when I saw it…..

The “Elvis Chip”!!! This phenomenon comes around once in a lifetime. I just couldn’t believe that I, Don the Janitor, had found it!

The chip looked just like Elvis, his suave hair cut, the carefully defined lines of the face and I’m sure I even heard it say “why thank ya, thank ya very much”

Food you just have to have!

  1. Chocolate
  2. Potato Chips
  3. Icecream
  4. Mouldy cheese
  5. 3 week old bubble gum

Well, everybody wanted to know me then – I was invited onto the latest talkshow “Simply Sophie” where they just couldn’t get enough of me.

It was certainly the highlight of my life.