But…. food almost killed me

I thought it might have been the Brontosaurus Bites but they were just sooooo good that I couldn’t stop eating them. Those plastic little toys they put in the box got the better of me.

I must have eaten about 5 boxes of Brontosaurus Bites that day.

I was lucky that when I was brought into the hostipal that Octavia was on hand to perform the operation.

But after they operated and pumped my stomach I was about to pass out because there was no food in my stomach.

I was on a drip of Cereal Numbers, Potato Chips, Sugar Cubes and Brontosaurus Bites for four hours!!

Did it put me off?

With such a near death experience you would think that I might get my habit under control. But no…

The next week I entered myself into the Hotdog eating contest – I came 1st which was only to be expected. And the prize was a years supply of Brontosaurus Bites :o)

Top 5 things NOT to do with food

  1. Throw it at your friends
  2. Never insert food into any orrifice
  3. Don’t eat any food if you don’t know where it’s been
  4. Don’t snort peas through your nose
  5. Don’t laugh too much when you’re eating – there could be dire consequences