“Well hello there – it’s me, Mr Fluffy Muffin. Easter is a joyous and relaxing time for many people around the world – including Sunset Cove. I’m great friends with The Easter Bunny so I’m going to bring you my guide to Easter.

Easter in Sunset Cove

Easter is a time of the year to celebrate spring, fertility and all things new. Spring lambs and baby birds and of course spring flowers.

The Easter Bunny used to try and bypass Sunset Cove because everybody used to be able to see him! The Easter Bunny is amazingly fast and very cunning and is famous for the fact that he is able to hide from almost every child in the world.

But when the Easter Bunny visits Sunset Cove there’s no hiding from anyone! It is very strange. Instead the Easter Bunny parades down the main street of Sunset Cove and gives out marshmallow bunnies, creme eggs and hollow chocolate eggs to everyone.

Sunset Cover’s can’t get enough of Easter. They have a week long holiday celebrating and I’ve heard that Sunset Cove alone eats almost a 1/4 of the worlds easter eggs.

This may in part be due to the Easter Egg Eating Competition. Held every year without fail up to 100 contestants line up to see how many Easter Eggs they can eat before they’re sick. Truckloads of eggs are brought in and the contestants have up to 3 hours to divulge as many as they can. Once they’re sick, they’re out of the running.

The latest record is actually held by Don the Janitor at Atlantis High. Everyone knows that he loves potato chips and marshmallows but boy can he eat Easter Eggs. His record is 258 Easter Eggs!

Another tradition is the Chocolate Fight. Litres of chocolate is brought in and put in a huge pool down by the beach and there is a huge chocolate fight among everyone from Sunset Cove. It is such a laugh but I don’t like to take part because my fur gets horribly sticky and it takes days to lick off.

Hot Cross Buns are always a favourite at Easter Time and I love them! What I like to do over Easter is relax and take time out to slow down and unwind. It’s a great time to take a break and spend time with family.

What do Sunset Cover’s like about Easter?

GILES: “I love Easter – eating hot cross buns, chocolate eggs to eat. Mum always hides Easter Eggs around the house for me and I have to try and find them. Grandpa loves to point me in the wrong direction and have a laugh”.

JET: “You know Easter might be one of the few things I don’t really consider a conspiracy. I love Spring, all the baby animals, the beautiful flowers. And it’s a great time to relax with the people you love.

SOPHIE: “Easter is great! All the little fluffy bunnies around, they’re so cute. And all the other little fluffy animals”