When you finally arrive at your new house you have to unpack. This can be quite fun. Deciding where in your room your bed should go. Where you should hide your most secretive stuff and to search the house for little cubby holes that no one else knows about.

Don’t forget to search the back yard for it could be a jungle out there.

Then of course you meet the neighbours. Sometimes they’re good sometimes they’re bad. You find yourself spying on them. There’s something fascinating about neighbours. You get a close up look at someone else life but from a distance. But be careful, they could be aliens and they could be spying on you as well.


A new town is great to explore. Finding out where all the shops are and marking out your favourites. But for me Sunset Cove was out of this world. As Grampa said as we drove into town “This place is weird!!”

He couldnn’t have been more right and I wasn’t sure what must have been going through my mother’s mind when she decided to turn our lives upside down and move here!

Mum fitted in right away. She bought us surf boards, changed her clothes and suddenly thought she was a sex symbol and just another “babe” from Sunset Cove.

Mum has always been a little whacky and she was definitely in her element. There were people dancing in the street, kids with huge ears, secret service men sneaking about and lots of people with bright coloured hair and weird ideas. Not to mention that everyone was good looking and had great tans as well!


Starting at a new school is totally nerve racking for any kid. You want to fit in, you want to make friends, you want to do well.

You start off being shy and taking everything in. Who are the bad crowd and who are the goody goods? There’s got to be someone in this school that is your type of person. It can take a while…

In Sunset Cove you’re lucky if you find someone that’s even slightly normal. My first day was as whacky as they come. I was introduced to a girl called Sophie. We were just talking and going to our next class when flowerpots started falling and circling me! She later told me she had a poltergeist. Geesh! Anyway we did end up being pretty good friends and she even wanted to marry me!

Beanie was someone else I met on my first day. He didn’t freak me out nearly as much as he should have. He’s quite a harmless guy who’s just a little confused. Which is understandable seeing as he’s an alien and basically has no idea where he comes from.

Some friendly advice – discourage your mother from working at your school! There’s nothing more embarassing than having your parents at school everyday.


It can take weeks to settle in to a new town. But after a few weeks you’ll have made some great new friends and be living a whole new life.

Just keep an eye on those neighbours though – you never know who they really are…


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