“Hi, I’m Giles and recently my family and I moved to a new town called Sunset Cove. It’s been an experience and here’s my guide to moving.



Everyone when moving hates packing. But it’s a great chance to throw out all that junk that you’ve accumulated over the years. All the rotten apple cores under your bed, the fluffy pink g-strings you stole off your neighbour, your old love letters and anything else that you might not want seen when it’s unpacked at the other end.

Sometimes I just go wild and chuck away everything – it saves a lot of time.

When packing remember anything that’s old, fragile or breakable should be marked with a “fragile” sticker. We used lots of these on the box we packed my Grampa in. He’s getting old now and we have to take precautions.

He loves getting into his box and being packed in with all the foam balls or scrunched newspapers. He say’s he feels like a present especially when he’s unwrapped at the other end.


Some people don’t move very far. We had a neighbour once who bought the house two doors down from her. 10 paces and she was at her new house! That’s hardly moving if you ask me.

But some familes move miles away – even countries away!

When we moved to Sunset Cove it was only about 550 miles from our last town of Townsville. So after we’d packed up all our personal belongings and the moving company had taken all our boxes, we chucked Grampa on the roof and headed out.

I wasn’t looking forward to it. Mum had insisted that Sunset Cove was like Paradise and that it would be good for my complexion to see some sunshine. But a beach is no place for a geek.

To pass the time in the car I read a book I’d picked up at our last stop “100 reasons why not to live in Sunset Cove”. Feeling this was a little pessimistic I decided to play eye spy with Grampa. The problem with playing this game with Grampa is that he’s inside a box and there’s very little in there to “spy” – so after 10 minutes of guessing what might be inside his box I gave up.

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