Hey kids, I’m Grandpa and I’m not scared to say that I love bikes. Let me tell you a little something about them.


Vrrommm Vrrooomm
Who hasn’t dreamt of being strapped to the back of a Harley, zooming along countryside lanes and beachside roads? I’ve always loved bikes and I got my first one when I was 2 years old.

How to tell if your child will be a true biker: –

1. When you’re pregnant the baby starts to kick whenever bikes zoom past.
2. Baby starts to headbang side of crib.
3. Baby ignores milk and reaches towards beer.
4. Toddler sings Heavy Metal songs instead of patty cake patty cake.
5. Child pushes other children off the tricycles at pre-school.
6. Child insists on wearing leather nappies.
7. Child refuses to wash hair and grows fringe so it covers eyes.
8. Child wants to be read Biker weekly magazines at bedtime instead of My Fluffy Bunny.
9. First word is Vrrroooommmm.
10. Child demands that Mom pushes stroller at full speed (and preferably performs wheelies)

I love to get into my leathers whenever I can and hang out with the Hells Bikers of Sunset Cove.
Sure, they’ve seen better days, that’s for sure but we all stick together and try to protect the secrets of Big. D.

Dennis hates it when he finds oil on my clothes but I tell him, “Dennis, you should get yourself down to the tattoo shop and stop worrying about the laundry.”

My legs creak a bit now and I find it hard to get on my bike. And it’s getting really difficult to pull on my leathers now.

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