Anyway, Santa got wise once Blane came along and now all the reindeer are specially trained after Blane hand-picks us from the reindeer pre-school gym club. There are always a few back-up teams in case something should go wrong with the main team and all new male reindeer are called after us. So there’s Rudolf generation 1 down to the current Rudy who has just been picked and he’s generation X.

Of course all of us original guys have a special kind of magic so that we will never die but we do get a bit sick now and again which is when another generation deer takes over. It is possible for us to break bones and Donna had a really bad accident a few years back, she ended up having to lie flat on her back for a whole year! Poor girl. She was okay though, as she loves to eat chocolates and watch daytime TV. She quite enjoyed the rest and came back re-energised and ready for action.

Naughty tricks on Santa.

Although our job is very important we still have fun. Every year we like to play tricks on Santa.

Top Five Reindeer Games

  1. Spin the penguin
  2. Chase the elf
  3. Antler aerobics
  4. Pin the tail on the polar bear
  5. Tan your hide

One year we hid his sack full of toys, another year we put the sleigh on backwards – what a hoot! We’ve even unteathered our leads to the sleigh and taken off without him. Blitzen put a hedgehog on his seat on Christmas Eve 1924, it was hilarious! My favourite was the year we tied huskies to his sleigh instead and hid in the snow waiting to see his reaction – there were many Ho Ho Ho’s that Christmas Eve!

Santa plays a good few jokes on us himself! Last year as well as loading on to the sleigh all the presents he put a sack full of weights as well! We were trying for a good 10 minutes just to take off!

Anyway, it’s nearing Christmas now and we’re all in preparation – there’s lots to be done! No doubt we’ll be passing over your place very very soon. Hope all you little boys and girls have been nice this year!

Next time you leave out a plate of cookies for Santa remember all the deer that are working so hard to bring your pressies too and leave out a bit more for us than a mouldy old carrot would you?!

Happy Christmas!


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