The local diner sometimes has these GM foods in stock. Here’s a look at their menu:


  1. Carroteen & GM Seeweed
  2. GM Fish Fins and plucked Eyeball
  3. Fish scales and nitrateoxide
  4. Label bashing mash
  5. Slimmers Slime


  1. Marshmarsupial pudding
  2. Chocolate Mouse
  3. Blue bottle-oxide
  4. Berry Rodent Risotto
  5. Reconstituted Smoothie


What is fashion? Fashion is whatever you want it to be. But try telling that to the label bashers who must have the “brand” of the moment.

Fashion retailers and designers have a close relationship. This relationship revolves around sales, sales, sales.

Have you ever looked at something in a shop window and thought urgh I’d never wear that! But a few weeks later when everyone else is wearing it you can’t get yourself one fast enough? They’ve got you! That’s how they do it!

Suddenly everyone around town is looking the same. Same pink sweater, designer jeans, and designer boots.

Their marketing campaigns are well thought out and even the most disgusting clothes seem to make their way onto the shelves.

Personally I like to wear whatever I like. I don’t want the funkiest outfit of the moment. I want to make my own clothes that are “out there” “different” and something I’ve created myself. I don’t want to be told by some shop and an advert that I “need to have it”.

Last week I bought the ugliest pair of jeans you could imagine. I cut a few holes in them, sewed on some blue beads and jems and suddenly they’re something no one else has!

Remember that next time you’re out shopping – you don’t have to conform and you certainly don’t have to be part of the retailers conspiracy…


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