The Men of Sunset Cove
As you may know, as “Sexy Sophie” I am seeking the best man in town and am literally going through the phonebook checking out the men of the town. Here’s my observations on the men of Sunset Cove and who I’d like to go out with (and who I wouldn’t!)…

Giles Gordon – Mr. Nerd had the rudeness to turn me down before I became Sexy Sophie. Yep, I used to have a thing for him – he was kinda cute.

Josh Montana – the richest guy in town but not the smartest. Oh, so what – I prefer brawn over brains any day and in this department Josh cuts the moxie.

Beanie Weanie – if you like big ears, you’ll like him. He’s guaranteed to listen to you at all times.

Mr. Dorsey – too old and rumours have it that he has green skin. He needs more moisturizer.

Coach Shane – a bit too old too – after all, he is a teacher. With rippling muscles, he is a pair of biceps on legs and is hunky. I like hunks.

Silver Lining – who is this mysterious superhero? I like pink and I like guys in pink – so I like him.

Bad Mood – and who is this supervillain? He’s nasty and even not nice. But I like black more than I like pink. And I like guys in black more than I like guys in pink. So yeah… he’s good.

Commander Vermont – in three words – old, old, old. And married (drat!)…

Grampa Gordon – in two words – old and crazy. I like crazy. Gramps is younger than his true years and is the town’s rebel without a cause.

Some Famous Guys
Who are the best looking guys in history? It’s touch to choose them. Well, here is my Top Ten of All-time handsome hunks…

1. Giles Gordon
2. Tribemaster
3. James Dean
4. Grampa Gordon
5. Johnny Depp
6. Mel Gibson
7. Pierce Brosnan
8. Ben Affleck
9. Chewbacca
10. Harrison Ford

How to catch your dream date

I am irresistible to most men in the world. They just cannot stop falling for me with my amazing appeal. Here’s some tips on how to get your dream guy:

1. Set a trap. Yep, you can put some food on the floor or something in a big mouse trap and catch a man

2. Flutter your eyelashes. Guys love chicks with nice eyes and eyelashes. Give them a flutter.

3. Flick your hair. Turn your shoulders and twirl your head, making your hair flick. Guys drop their jaws for that – especially if your hair is long. Ideally do it in slow-motion.

Well, I better stop now. I am up to letter “P” in the Sunset Cove phonebook so must continue my checking out the boys in town. I hoped you like my guide to boys…