“Hi everybody, my name’s Sophie May but you can call me Sophie. I have so many superpowers they’d blow your socks off! Let me tell you a little something about them…”


The first time I noticed that I was different was when I was a little itsy bitsy baby. I was in my playpen and Mommy had given me a new rattle. But silly Mommy had chosen the wrong colour and I got really really mad.

The naughty rattle flew out of my cute little hands and bumped Mommy in the head! When she shouted I got scared and Mr. Fluffy Muffin came floating over to me from the other side of the room to give me nice cosy huggle.

After that I could do anything I wanted when I got scared or angry and people started to run away when they saw me coming. For some weird reason plant pots would always fall on people’s heads when I walked past.

I felt really bad a lot of the time but after a while I started to get used to these things happening around me and got to know how I could use my powers to my advantage.

There are some other people that live in Sunset Cove that have some great superpowers. Silver Lining is really good at running fast and he can also do some mean cartwheels. Sigh, he is the cutest!

Old Mr. McGreggor was the most famous old guy around with super powers. He could fly, he really really could! One dark and rainy day Mr. McGreggor was digging for carrots when his shovel hit an electricity cable and he flew up into the air so high that he landed in a tree and had to be brought down by the firemen. He was so cute, his hair was all sticking up and his false teeth had fallen out and his glasses were broken and his little old body was all burnt and smelly…

Oh, then there was Little Gabby who was a circus clown who had come to live here when he left the Jacks Brothers Extravaganza. He would do these back flips all down the High Street and then he would bend forwards and fling himself from side to side really fast until your eyes went all googly just from

watching him and then he would come over and take your purse away before you could see him coming! He was the best! But he had to go away to a nasty smelly place where they have bars on the windows. Poor Little Gabby!


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