People often wonder what it is that makes a ghostie want to haunt someone. Why the ghostie doesn’t just go and relax in Heaven and be nice and calm and happy?

Well, that’s no fun! Face it, if you were a rebellious person when you were alive and liked to party hard then why should you just chill out when you die? It’s much better to cause a bit of havoc and throw a few plant pots around.

Five not so well known Sunset Cove Ghosties

1. The Phantom of the Diner
2. High School Hagar the Horrid
3. Hells Hellish Bogus Biker
4. Mysterious Michael Mavaric
5. The See Through Sea Spectre.

Five noises that are often mistaken for ghosties

1. The cat jumping off the couch.
2. The front door rattling in the wind.
3. Dads snoring.
4. The monster in the cupboard.
5. The invisible pixie that Irish dances at the bottom of your bed at 3.15am

Haunting is a real art form and not everyone can do it, no matter how much they want to. There are some depressed ghosts around here, let me tell you and I am a bit of an agony aunt for them.

I have taken a few ghosties under my wing and hopefully they’ll be able to give haunting their best shot soon. So if you get really scared by a ghostie in the next wee while you know they were taught by yours truly.

There are some other things that can go bump in the night and these have nothing to do with ghosties. Just take some time to think to yourself, “Is that noise a ghost or is it something else?”

Next, check around the house. Look out your windows. If it is not your cat or something that can be easily explained; if you feel icy cold and have a tingle down your spine; if you can see something hazy and are hit on the head by a flying plant pot; chances are it is a ghostie.

I think that you should try to make friends with your ghost eventually but for the first few years, enjoy being scared, it’s actually a great feeling and it gives you a story or two to tell your mates about. And it’s a real ego boost to your ghostly companion, they’ll get such a kick out of scaring you.

So it’s goodbye from me … for now … oh, and to the non-believers out there … click here