I am Sophie’s Poltergeist. I’ll take some time out of my hectic haunting schedule to tell you a little bit about ghosties and other things that go bump in the night.


There are a lot of spooky things that go on in Sunset Cove and believe me, even I get scared sometimes.

My Top Ten Haunting Tips

1. Make sure that you sit in the freezer for an hour before your haunting so that you can make the air nice and icy.

2. Yell and moan a lot, that gets people really worried.

3. One you’ve gotten someone’s attention, whisper their name over and over again, this really gives them the heeby geebies.

4. Tickle the back of your victims neck, this is great for sending a shiver down their spine.

5. Throw as many things as possible. If it doesn’t scare them at least it will annoy them!

6. Try to stay hidden until the very last minute, suspense is the key to a good haunting.

7. Creep up behind someone when they’re looking in their mirror – this is a guaranteed fright hit.

8. Bang a few doors and rattle some windows.

9. get the cat or dog on your side – your victim will be really scared if their friendly pet does a runner when you arrive.

10. Last but not least, leave a lasting impression on your victim by promising them that it’s their fault you’re haunting them and that you’ll keep coming back until they can find out the riddle to your untimely death.

Sophie was great to latch on to. She was so sweet that it was easy to tap into her bad side and make the most of her jealous streak that she tried to keep suppressed.

I had so much fun! I always get a buzz when I get to throw things at people and twist heads around. Wow, talk about an adrenaline rush!

But sometimes things would get a little bit too creepy even for my liking. Like the time I went down to the beach for a walk and got chased by a headless ghostie. This guy meant business. He thought that I was on his turf when all I wanted to do was get some r&r by the sea.

Anyway, I got some green plasma thrown at me, some chains rattled right in my ears and it got really, really cold. I ran away as fast as I could – which was pretty fast considering I don’t technically have to run – I can just glide and float and kind of squish around.

But it was a close call and I can still smell the stale deathly breath of that old guy.

Yuk! Why can’t other ghosties stay nice and clean and use some aftershave once in a while?

I mean, there’s no point in letting yourself go just because you’re dead!


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