Who pays?

I always pay. I’m that old fashioned type of guy plus money is no issue – I have plenty!
Go with the times! There’s no particular rules sometimes the guy pays, sometimes you go dutch (pay for yourselves). It’s up to you!

The Goodnight Kiss?
So, do you do it or don’t you? If the date went really well you’ll know whether or not to attempt a big smooch. Then there’s the decision of whether or not you settle for a peck on the cheek or the big one.
It’s a big moment! It might pave the way for whether or not there is date number two! Just one tip – don’t be Niagra Falls! A really wet kiss is not everyone’s favourite thing.
When do you call?
They say that a couple of days later is about the right time to call after your date. Leave it much longer and they’ll think you don’t care. Call them once you get home and they’ll think you’re desperate.
This is your chance to ask for another date or just to cool things down and remain friends.

Not all dates go fantastically well, in fact sometimes they’re disasters. But you’ll never know unless you try. That guy/girl looking at you across the room that gives you butterflies – there’s nothing like it. Take the plunge because dating can be so much fun.Next page