Dating is something we all do. But people in Sunset Cove are dating all the time. With so many sultry stunners and surfy studs in the Cove they can’t help themselves! Anyway I’m Josh Montana and here’s my guide to dating.


Josh’s Guide to Dating

Who asks Who?
Unless you’re overly confident like me, dating can be scary! I personally like to ask the girl out on a date. Usually she’s so overcome with shock that she faints then and there. They always say “yes”. But sometimes the girl asks the guy out and that’s ok too. In the end it doesn’t matter.

What if they say ‘no’?

There’s nothing quite like the word ‘no’ is there? It can be a slap in the face or a boot up the backside. But sometimes it’s just that extra push that makes us want the chase. Who can resist wanting something even more when it doesn’t want you?

Octavia Vermont played hard to get with me. I tried giving her all sorts of presents and flowers but she wouldn’t budge. Of course this only made me want her even more. When I’d just about given up, which isn’t something I’d normally do, she changed her mind. In the middle of the diner one day she told Giles she didn’t love him and that she loved me!!

What if they say ‘yes’?

If they say yes then you need to make a plan!

Some popular spots for dating in Sunset Cove

  1. The Beach
  2. The Diner
  3. The local Psychologists
  4. The Gym
  5. The Secret Closet
  6. Steamy Hill

Where do you go?

Well first of all you may realise you don’t know this person very well. You need to think of any similar interests you have as this may make the decision on where to go a whole lot easier.

Do you give her a gift?

It’s always nice to pick up your date and give her a gift. Flowers are great but chocolates, wine and hair gel are good too. A piece of jewellery or a tub of icecream always go down really well too.


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