Christmas in Sunset Cove

BEANIE: “I love Christ
mas – eating hot cross buns, chocolate eggs to eat. I get very cold ears when it snows – I use ovengloves as earwarmers, otherwise my ear wax freezes and blocks my hearing. I’m making Jet a necklace made of pebbles from the beach. I’d love to know who I am for my Christmas present – ya know, my origins and where I am from. Santa says I look a bit like his elves and last year he offered me a job in his toy factory…”

VER LINING: “Yes! I LOVE Christmas! Santa is my favourite superhero and I admire him. He wears a lovely red suit and has amazing superpowers – he flies around the world in record time with his sidekick Rudolph, he battles misery and unhappiness by giving presents wherever he goes. Santa is a good role model. I’d like a new pink mask for Christmas”.

OCTAVIA: “Jingle bells is my favourite song. Christmas is superb – I celebrate it with my daddy and mummy, who hold a Christmas party each year. I may get Giles some nicer clothes to wear as a present. I’d like some purple clothes for me, some make-up and a book by eminent Harvard professor, Dr Rudolph Rainder called “History of Reindeer”.

SHANE: “Christmas is nice I suppose. It makes people smile and I like to compare how bright their teeth are with mine. But I don’t like when it snows – the sun goes out (which ruins my tan) and I must wear warm fuzzy clothes to keep warm – I miss my shorts and can’t see my legs! I am also jealous that one thing in town has a better tan than me – the Christmas turkey (after it has cooked in the oven for 8 hours) is almost as brown as I am”.

: “Aaah – you want my opinion on the earth custom known as Christmas? Well it reminds me of “Masmas” which we celebrate on Fenor each year. A 3 eyed goozlebeast is cooked on a fire for 3 weeks and then eaten by Fenorians, who also sing songs, dance round the fire and give each other a wrapped up present. Christmas makes me homesick… but I like it for that very reason. I wish Santa would help me find Atlantis this year”.

FROSTY: “Christmas is great! I love it when people make snowmen (and snowwomen) because then I have some company and snow-creatures I can relate to. I’m a bit sad because last year both my parents melted in the sun! This year I’ll be visited on Boxing Day by my other relatives – Uncle Frank (who lives in a freezer) and Aunt Pammy (who is a puddle and lives in a bucket). They too nearly melted in the sun but they are thankfully still alive. I hope to get a fridge-freezer from Santa and to meet a female Frosty”.