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Christmas in Sunset Cove

: “Why I love Christmas!! It’s my job to cook the Christmas turkey for the Atlantis High school dinner – this year’s bird was caught during a game of football and is a giant mutant pigeon that weights over four tonnes! It will take me all month to cook. My little Giles looks so cute wearing his winter woolies”.

SOPHIE: “I love Christmas! Santa and I have a competition to see who has the best special powers – he can jump down chimneys or letterboxes but my
poltergeist can lift up presents and make them fly around the room! I’d like to get Mr Fluffy Muffin a Santa hat – and for Giles to marry me!”.

VERMONT: “Oh dear, I have unhappy memories about Christmas. Last year I thought Santa (flying in his sleigh) was a UFO – I saw lights in the sky and ordered my troops to open fire. Santa was almost a gonner but Rudolph took evasive action and saved him. I’d like to know if there ARE any aliens out there for Christmas – and to catch one! I also love stockings – um, putting them on the fireplace rather than wearing them, you’ll understand!”.

GRAMPA: “I remember my first Christmas when I was a child about 300 years ago. My mother knitted me a locomotive out of steel wire. I loved it! This year I’ll knit Giles his own car
and carry on the tradition. I like to reminisce about Christmases from long ago with Frosty the snowman – he’s really cool!

We would like to wish you a fantastic Christmas. There’ll be some amazing Atlantis High guides to check out in the New Year! Happy Christmas!