It seems that there is good and bad in everybody. Atlantis High exemplifies this fact in the characters Silver Lining and Bad Mood. But Bad Mood is not the only villain in Sunset Cove.


Lew Siffer – Villain
Lew Siffer is a crucial character in spreading evil ways and thoughts around Sunset Cove. Who is the mysterious character known as Lew Siffer?

Lew Siffer appears in different guises throughout Sunset Cove – sometimes as the marketing director of the popular clothing giant, Rebelz Coolwear, but other times as the weatherman or newsreader on Evil TV, a doctor at the hospital and even a lawyer.

Lew Siffer is always in love with money and will do whatever he can to make a profit and acquire dollars. Being part of a lot of activities around Sunset Cove is how he discreetly goes about his business and financial activities.

Ultimately he has an ulterior motive to all his actions. He has donned the persona of the dark side – his name, his car, the numberplate, his jet black hair and his flame red suit. All characteristics we all know and link with the dark side.

When frogs started falling from the sky he wanted people to believe that this was going to be the end. He wanted everyone to feel fear.

Bad Mood
Bad Mood is like the little bad guy that sits on your left shoulder telling you to do the naughty things in life.

Temptation is often a good thin, it makes you do what you ultimately want to do even if sometimes it’s naughty or bad.

Do you do more good things than bad? Or the other way around?

Bad Mood wants to do naughty things but never does anything to harm anyone. Bad Mood has a healthy relationship with Silver Lining and they are always trying to out-do each other. A bit of healthy competition for good vs evil.

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