“Okay, so during the summer holidays what’s a principal to do? Well, not many people know this but I actually own the local hair salon and every summer I go along and work there for a few weeks just to keep my hand in. Let me tell you all about it…”



 When I was a little itsy bisty girl I wanted to be a hairdresser. My sister Fuscia was older than me and her hair was a lot longer than mine so she used to make me put it in rollers and style it for her.

Oh how I loved the smell of curling tongs!

And I adored trying out all sorts of new styles on her. There were all the most popular styles of the 70’s as well as the ones that I made up all by myself and Fuscia got all sorts of comments when she went out and about on the streets.

Well, anyway, once I became settled as a headmistress and the importer of beautiful lingerie I decided to open up a hair salon to suit the upper class ladies of Sunset Cove. I would hate for them to think that they could ever look as amazing as me but I thought that they could at least have fun trying!

The most important thing about a hair salon is the name and I simply had to call mine after someone stylish, someone with a certain je ne c’est pas. And that someone was me. Yes, Violet’s was opened and has maintained a steady flow of customers ever since.

It might be the leopard print chairs that bring in the clients. Perhaps it is the top quality Brazilian GGgrrrr coffee that we grind ourselves. Maybe it is the neon pink towels that grab their attention. But what I think is that it is the overall realisation that they have entered a classy establishment.

You see, the walls are covered with a purple velvet shag pile carpet and the floor is white poodle fur. There are no sinks – clients get their hair washed in the waterfall that cascades down from the Aztec temple upstairs. The light fittings have been modelled on butterflies. There is a tank full of exotic pirhana in the corner of the room. And the sound of birds and insects play constantly through the boom bass speaker system.

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