My favourite Easter!

My most favourite Easter was when I won the competition for the amount of hot cross buns eaten in one sitting. I ate 583 of them – well, most of them. You see I picked out all of the raisins to put in my collage that I was entering into the Easter competition.

But when the judges found out that I hadn’t eaten all of the hot cross buns they made me pull apart my collage and eat every single raisin there was. Of course this ruined my collage and I am allergic to raisins so I got a terrible rash and threw up all over the judges.

But it was still my best Easter because I won the competition and got my face in the paper – not many people recognised me because my face was so swollen and red that I looked like I’d been melted – but I did get a great prize.

I won the fluffiest rabbit that you ever did see and I named him Clarabelle. He was so cute and used to snuggle up to me and help me with my homework. He was my best friend until the day he decided to move away with the bunny from next door and start a touring jazz band.

Easter just isn’t the same now – I try to keep busy but with Clarabelle gone it hurts me to even look at a hot cross bun.

But this year should be better. I have been asked to help out at the kindergarten eggstravaganza so I think that I will have some fun. I’m going to dress up as the Easter Bunny and hand out some beautiful eggs that I have made out of sticky plaster and fluff that I have been gathering for the past 4 months. Boy oh boy, it’s going to be a good Easter.

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