“Hey there, it’s Don the Janitor here and I’m going to tell you how I used to spend Easter as a child in Sunset Cove”

Easter in Sunset Cove

There’s not much room in the cupboard where I was brought up but Mommy always managed to find space to put an Easter nest there so that the bunny could leave me some eggs.

The nest was so comfy that I used to fall asleep in it and Mommy got angry because I squashed one of the chickens one time. She told me that the bunny would leave his eggs with Amnesia the chook but after she was squished beyond recognition there were no eggs for me and Mommy had to go out and buy some from the farmer’s wife who lived in the cupboard next door.

I remember all my friends had great big chocolate Easter eggs given to them every year but I was always happy to just get my very own chicken egg and I would keep it for a whole 6 months until it smelled just right and then I would cook it up on the camp stove.

It would give me the rumbliest belly you have ever heard but I kinda liked that. I could perform the Sunset Cove Crescendo in Blue with my belly rumbles and Mommy made a lot of extra money from selling tickets to her Bingo group to the show.

One year I was allowed out of the cupboard and I went to the swimming pool where they fill up the toddler’s pool with liquid chocolate. I stood there watching all the kids diving in headfirst and coming out all gooey and choclatey.

It looked so cool and I couldn’t wait to get in there. But then I slipped on a leftover potato skin and fell into the pool clothes and all. They had to close the pool down because I hadn’t changed my clothes for a couple of years and they said that I was unclean and that the chocolate was unfit for human consumption.

Everyone yelled at me and gave me the evil eye but Mommy scooped up all that chocolate and took it back to our cupboard where she painted the ceiling like the Sistine chapel. It sure was a beautiful thing.