Undercover Operations cont…

Other famous undercover operations include

  • The Fluffy Pink G-String Case
  • The Green Banana Case
  • The Missing Cookies Case
  • The Credit Card Fraud Case
  • The Fake Smile Case
  • The Brass Monkey Case

All these cases made National News Headlines and Sunset Cove has become even more famous over the last few years just because of the Secret Service.

Criminal Justice

The Secret Service in Sunset Cove have a unique way of dealing with criminals of the underworld. Most petty criminals are paraded through town in a cage labelled “I’m a thief” or “I am the dumbest guy in town”. This is enough to keep most criminals from striking again.

One of their most famous methods of getting information out of people is using their Poly Wants a Grapher test. A macaw sits in the downtown police station and is used by the police as well as the secret service. Mr Macaw asks the suspect the questions and if the suspect is lying then the bird has a nibble on their fingers. Now these birds have very powerful beaks and the more you lie the more this bird likes to bite down hard on your fingers. It doesn’t take long for the criminal to tell all…

My role

As Octavia Vermont (only one of my aliases) I attend school in Sunset Cove and behave like a normal teenager. I am an accomplished martial arts expert, a linguist, a doctor, a lawyer, basically a genius. There is no mission I can’t handle. I know how to disarm and survive the biggest bombs, catch bullets in mid air, and fly runaway aircraft. I am the highest paid member of the Secret Service team due to my 16 years in service. I joined the service when I was 1 and haven’t looked back since. My parents have no idea of my exceptional abilities and I like to keep it that way. The less people know the better in my opinion. We have to be undercover our whole lives – living the simple small town life when really we’re on dangerous missions 24 hours a day.

Joining the Secret Service

You can’t just join the Secret Service – you must be found by them. They approach you. Even as young as one years old you could be with one of the top agencies in the world…

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