Well, in England in the 1800’s plays started to deal with stories of everyday people as characters and commercial theatre started to appear in North America.Then came the 19th century with the introduction of electric lighting. Ah, that is so wonderful, no? This great addition, along with the industrial revolution, changed the face of theatre. Theatre became less about content and storyline and concentrated more on special lighting effects and scenery. This era also debuted the talents of such writers as George Bernard Shaw.
And in to the 20th century people. hang in there. You too could win an Emmy after learning all this!

Once again new technology allowed for bigger, brighter and better plays. Theatre went from being a humble play to the ever popular stage show. No longer about simple storylines, the 20th century will be remembered for shows like Tennessee Williams’ Glass Menagerie, Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess, Lloyd Webber’s Cats, The Phantom of the Opera and many many more.

Of course this is just the beginning, what will this new millennium have to offer??? What will your contribution be? Eh scumbag attention seeking morons? What will your contribution be? It might help if you learn to read and write properly first…”


Mr. Dorsey asked Antonia to write a report on the night of the school production ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by William Shakespeare and Giles Gordon.


” Well, first of all Josh had a nasty fall and couldn’t be the leading man. Of course I had to drop out as well because Antony was wracked with jealousy.

And then Giles got called in to take over from Josh at the last minute!

Poor old Giles had to be pushed on to the stage. man, he was so scared! Antony would have been so much braver than geek boy!



But Giles was okay when he saw Octavia on stage. He seemed to be really excited and relaxed at the same time.They did look kinda cute together. It’s a shame that he’s besotted with me. I mean, he never leaves me alone! The play went so well and the crowd just absolutely loved it!



So in conclusion Mr. Dorsey, I’d like to say well done to Giles! I think that he really did well in the writing of the play and I’m sure glad we didn’t have to listen to all that Shakey spear throwing mumbo jumbo talk stuff.”