What is inside the fantastic spaceship that cruises around the galaxy? We know (don’t ask us how, but we do) and are giving you a sneak peak of how it feels to be Xeron, Nebula or Vortex.

The spaceship has a giant monitor that the aliens look out of so they can admire the view – and see where they are going. The first alien spaceship they had before this one had no monitor and Vortex often accidentally crashed into something because he couldn’t see where he was going.

There are lots and lots of buttons to be pressed. Most of these control the spaceships direction, speed and lights. Other buttons are there just for fun because Nebula loves to push buttons.

What’s the matter? Or what’s the anti-matter? The choice is up to you with the matter generating defice that the aliens use to create things like disguises, clothes and food. With these amazing things the aliens can keep themselves well fed on their long journey’s and make clothes so they can mingle seemlessly with the inhabitants of the planet that they visit.

The transporter is a fun way to beam up items or people and it saves catching a cab to get somewhere fast.

Also inside the ship is a plastic container that is hardly opened. This is the aliens trashcan and contains remains of the food they have devoured – as well as piles and piles of parking tickets they have accumulated over the years from the Intergalactic Traffic Warden Agency.