Atlantis High School

Atlantis HighThe high school of Sunset Cove and the main focus for activity in the series — it is here that newly arrived student, Giles Gordon, embarks on his adventures.

The students at Atlantis High are very eccentric and crazy, and always seem to be engaging in bizarre activity, for example, giving haircuts to other students or dancing during classes. 

Their odd behavior is matched by the teachers — Coach Shane school canteentakes tango-dancing lessons during American football games.

The school canteen is a popular place to hang out — and the food isn’t too bad. Giles’ mother, Dorothy, can sometimes be seen working here too in between her time at the Vermont’s house and the local diner. There is also a student who many claim to be the real Elvis — pass him the maple syrup and he will reply, “why, thank you very much”…

Mr. Dorsey’s science room has amazingly complex equations on the whiteboard, strange objects and devices attached to the walls, bubbling test tubes and glass containers containing all sorts of matter — and anti-matter…?

Ms Violet Profusion’s office is full of cluttered paperwork and files scattered around — which is surprising since she is the principal. It is from here that her assistant, Vita, makes announcements to the school over the public address system.

Mr. Quentin’s counseling room is downstairs near the main entrance — this is the place where students are sent for advice if they are in trouble.

The school field is usually awash with American football players or cheerleaders getting ready for the next big game.

Atlantis High fieldThe gym is a popular place for guys and girls to tone their muscles and keep themselves looking beautiful. Coach Shane is often found here supervising a game of basketball — and making sure all the students are tanned and looking good.

There is a theatre at the school where productions of plays and musicals are performed by students — Giles becomes involved in Romeo and Juliet.

If you are in a classroom or walking the corridors, you will probably expect to see something weird going on somewhere in Atlantis High.

Why is this the case? Are the rumors true that Atlantis High is actually built on the site where rested the ancient city of Atlantis many thousands of years ago? Or does Atlantis High have something to do with aliens? What are the military always looking for with their scanners and detectors?

Only time will tell…