Bubble bubble – toil and trouble? There’s not normally a queue to get into this room belonging to Q. Are people scared to enter here? Or is it a sign that there are very few trouble makers or people who need help that visit this mysterious place of the equally mysterious Guidance Counsellor Q.

Q hardly ever stands up, he always seems to be sitting at his desk with a monicle on his eye as he eye spys what’s going on in the community on his television screen which is hooked up to some hidden cameras. If you were to walk into this room the first thing you would notice would be the low rasping base tones of Q’s voice. He’d ask “why are you here?” and proceed to analyse what problem you may be having, followed by his solution of what to do. That is unless you are Octavia Vermont who often goes to visit Q for some reason – could it be that the rumours she is some kind of secret agent working for Q, who masterminds some kind of secret, top secret Secret Agency.

Fish. There are fish everywhere in giant aquarium water tanks in Q’s room. There are also green bubbly pools of liquid. No one knows what this liquid is – some think it is purely a natural organism as Q seems to enjoy having fluroescent green light shining in the room – others think however the green mush looks a lot like Dorothy Gordon’s pea soup that she serves at the school canteen.