Where they came from and who they were trained by, nobody knows. But it is fair to say that this crack team of nifty ninjas are both swift and secretive.

They take their orders from Q without any questions. They carry out these orders with no fear for their own safety even though they have been in many a strange and sticky situation.

Although they never speak, this tricky team retain their manners and are very polite to anyone who happens to come across them.

They appear to have the power to multiply or disappear, as discovered by Dorothy Gordon. She found one in a cupboard at the Vermont’s home and whenever she shut and reopened the door, there would be one, some or none!

These Ninjas stealthily creep around the Cove on various tasks and adapt well to being in different places. Commander Vermont is quite fond of them and often congratulates them on their work (even though he knows nothing about them).

They are an accepted part of life in Sunset Cove and people are never surprised to see them. Their athleticism is most probably admired by many of the beautiful people of Sunset Cove and Atlantis High and they would be sorely missed if they were to disappear. Their presence is just a part of normal life in this happy little town.