Led by the respected and inspiring Commander Vermont, this team of military masterminds forever lurk in the background of daily life in Sunset Cove.

Whether they are attached to their countries military base or not is something that we have yet to discover.

Perhaps this team of soldiers are employed by the owners of Sunset Cove to keep this unique and idyllic lifestyle top secret from the outside world.

Perhaps they are employed by Q or by whoever employs Q?

Maybe Commander Vermont is an eccentric millionaire who spends his money on playing soldiers in his back yard?

It could be that the Vermont house is built on a sacred Atlantan site that needs to be protected from the outside world?

This group of soldiers could even be made up entirely of alien lifeforms.

It is certain however that these boys in blue are extremely loyal to their beloved leader Commander Vermont and they try their very best to carry out his orders to the word.

They do not use typical military weapons or other such devices. Water guns seem to be the preferred weapon of choice and the cordless red hotline telephone is never far from the grasp of the Commander.

Training takes place in the back yard of the Vermonts’ home and there is a minefied to the west of the vegetable patch.

Commander Vermont eats sleeps and breathes the military and he looks after his men with the same loving care a father would show to his newborn baby.