The sweeter than sweet Mr. Fluffy Muffin is Sophie May’s best friend. She rarely goes out without him and even when she does, he is always near.

He’s just gorgeous. He’s got these big floppy ears and this cute little pink button nose.

He can be dressed up to suit any occassion and his behaviour is always impeccable. 

He is the ideal dinner date, prom partner, classmate or beach buddy and he will listen tirelesly to all your problems with his fantastic fluffy ears.

It is unclear as to where Sophie May found her little buddy or for how long she has had him but she is obviously extremely fond of him. Perhaps he found her?

Whether or not Mr. Fluffy Muffin has a personality of his own has yet to be discovered.

He does seem to change his facial expressions to suit the occassion and particularly enjoys dressing up in smart clothes.

He looks delightful in a bow tie and the pink pads on his cute little feet match his inner ears.

All in all this bunny buddy is a joy to all who encounter him and Sophie May would never be without her best friend.