Sunset Cove’s very own television channel, Sunset Cove TV (sometimes known as Evil TV and headed by the decidedly dodgy Lew Siffer) is watched by most residents of this sunny piece of paradise, and most particularly by Grandpa Gordon.

There are some fascinating programmes on this station but it is the roving newsmen who make tuning in something really special with their instant reporting skills.

These reporters are literally everywhere and nobody can escape their scrutiny. They are around when the Silver Lining saves the day and when the cook burns the spaghetti sauce at the Princess Diner.

The presenters of Sunset CoveTV all look alike and it is hard to say whether they are related, cloned, alien lifeforms or actually just one and the same person, changing their appearance slightly for each programme.

The very fact that normal high tech gadgets are ignored by these reporters might well point to the fact that there is something otherwordly or supernatural going on.

Microphones are often not used and reporters (like the one on the right) can often be seen talking into their hands.

However this does not seem to hamper the sound quality of the programmes and viewers claim that they can understand every little word that is being spoken.

It is unclear as to exactly where the studios for Sunset Cove TV are located as most of the footage is shot outdoors in and around the town, at the beach and at Atlantis High.

It is said that Lew Siffer has been planning some kind of daytime tv deal with headmistress Violet Profusion for a new show on Sunset Cove TV and the residents of the Cove are eagerly awaiting further news of this.

Some of the best news flashes have developed at the beach. Many a volleyball game, surf competition and Coach Shane tanning updates have been shot here but what the residents really get the feeling for is that reporters are actually on the lookout for the lost city of Atlantis.

It has to be said that one of the highest rating shows on this station is the weather report. Although every day in Sunset Cove is gonna be hothothot, residents still like to watch the happy face of the weatherman telling them that nothing had changed. They just love to know that they are going to be getting some more of Mr. Sunshine’s special A-ttention.

Sunset Cove TV is most definitely a great part of life, a cultural must in this beautiful area of the world. Residents are very glad to be able to keep up with the weather, news and special interest programming as well as to find out what gossip there is in their town.

They actually get to find out what is happening next door faster than if they were to stand at the window twitching the nets or to look over the fence!

Now that’s quality television at its best.



Where they came from and who they were trained by, nobody knows. But it is fair to say that this crack team of nifty ninjas are both swift and secretive.

They take their orders from Q without any questions. They carry out these orders with no fear for their own safety even though they have been in many a strange and sticky situation.

Although they never speak, this tricky team retain their manners and are very polite to anyone who happens to come across them.

They appear to have the power to multiply or disappear, as discovered by Dorothy Gordon. She found one in a cupboard at the Vermont’s home and whenever she shut and reopened the door, there would be one, some or none!

These Ninjas stealthily creep around the Cove on various tasks and adapt well to being in different places. Commander Vermont is quite fond of them and often congratulates them on their work (even though he knows nothing about them).

They are an accepted part of life in Sunset Cove and people are never surprised to see them. Their athleticism is most probably admired by many of the beautiful people of Sunset Cove and Atlantis High and they would be sorely missed if they were to disappear. Their presence is just a part of normal life in this happy little town.



Led by the respected and inspiring Commander Vermont, this team of military masterminds forever lurk in the background of daily life in Sunset Cove.

Whether they are attached to their countries military base or not is something that we have yet to discover.

Perhaps this team of soldiers are employed by the owners of Sunset Cove to keep this unique and idyllic lifestyle top secret from the outside world.

Perhaps they are employed by Q or by whoever employs Q?

Maybe Commander Vermont is an eccentric millionaire who spends his money on playing soldiers in his back yard?

It could be that the Vermont house is built on a sacred Atlantan site that needs to be protected from the outside world?

This group of soldiers could even be made up entirely of alien lifeforms.

It is certain however that these boys in blue are extremely loyal to their beloved leader Commander Vermont and they try their very best to carry out his orders to the word.

They do not use typical military weapons or other such devices. Water guns seem to be the preferred weapon of choice and the cordless red hotline telephone is never far from the grasp of the Commander.

Training takes place in the back yard of the Vermonts’ home and there is a minefied to the west of the vegetable patch.

Commander Vermont eats sleeps and breathes the military and he looks after his men with the same loving care a father would show to his newborn baby.




The sweeter than sweet Mr. Fluffy Muffin is Sophie May’s best friend. She rarely goes out without him and even when she does, he is always near.

He’s just gorgeous. He’s got these big floppy ears and this cute little pink button nose.

He can be dressed up to suit any occassion and his behaviour is always impeccable. 

He is the ideal dinner date, prom partner, classmate or beach buddy and he will listen tirelesly to all your problems with his fantastic fluffy ears.

It is unclear as to where Sophie May found her little buddy or for how long she has had him but she is obviously extremely fond of him. Perhaps he found her?

Whether or not Mr. Fluffy Muffin has a personality of his own has yet to be discovered.

He does seem to change his facial expressions to suit the occassion and particularly enjoys dressing up in smart clothes.

He looks delightful in a bow tie and the pink pads on his cute little feet match his inner ears.

All in all this bunny buddy is a joy to all who encounter him and Sophie May would never be without her best friend.