superhero– The wardrobe team consists of designers, pattern makers, seamstresses, and wardrobe representatives on set to ensure the costumes are fitted and sitting appropriately for all scenes.– Their task was to create unique ‘looks’ for several superheroes and villains and a range of weird, classy and eccentric characters. Commander Vermont, while adopting a military/combat style, was also dressed in flowery camouflage uniform. Octavia was always immaculately dressed, usually in purple, while Violet had bright-coloured wigs and weird but classy costumes. Josh Montana adopted the all American college hero image, while his alter-ego, Silver Lining the Superhero, sported a tight lycra pink full suit complete with matching fluffy G string and pink cape. Sabrina was cast as the sultry sex kitten of the show and was always seen in tight and short hot pink outfits with matching accessories such as hot pink fingernails and high hot pink shoes.

– The Aliens’ costumes included a specially adapted tail that poked through the back of the spaceship seat. They also had webbed feet and reptile-like skin costumes.

wardrobeAll costumes were crucial in identifying the characters. Colour was a huge aspect when designing costumes and some characters wore colours that identified their personalities:

-Octavia – Purple
-Jet – Blue
-Sabrina – Hot pink
-Josh (Silver Lining superhero) – Hot pink-Anthony/Antonia – Turquoise/Red

-Violet – wigs
-Beanie – Blue

-The specialist costumes were created in-house with ‘tacky and spoofy’ accessories added for special effect, while other more plain and unadorned garments were purchased through local stores.


Make Up

Make up

make-up– During the making of a television series, the Makeup Department are given special designs and instructions to recreate a professional and special ‘look’ required by the Executive Producers. They then use their specialist skills and techniques to enhance that image. Atlantis High required a bronzed and tanned image which meant the cast had to be body washed with a fake tan. The extras were also covered in a beige/bronze makeup for that tanned effect. Bright lipsticks and blush were also used on the “extras” in order to create a glowing and rosy ‘look’.– Other interesting features the Makeup Department had to recreate were latex body parts, i.e. noses and ears. For example, Violet had a nose made entirely of latex, which, while looking real, was also meant to look as fake as possible for better effect and to enhance the gag! At one point she even ripped her nose off!

make-up2– Beanie had ears that protruded way beyond the normal length. They were almost alien-like and had to be attached every day before filming. These ears had to look real as they were an essential part of his bizarre character.

– The Aliens’ makeup was the most intricate of all and sometimes took up to three hours to apply. Heads were shaven and skull caps used to create that bald look and one whacky alien had his hair laquered into strange designs. Make-up was applied heavily to include special veins, colours, additional skin, and some actors also wore coloured contact lenses.

Animal Wrangling

Animal wrangling
A variety of birds, reptiles, insects, crabs, fish, rodents, a cat and a dog all had starring roles in Atlantis High as well as a huge and scary hairy spider and a rubber chicken. All the animals were well looked after by our expert wranglers (even the rubber chicken!) and none were harmed during the making of the series. The spider itself got first class treatment and was flown down to the Cloud 9 Studios from Auckland. Some of the animals had personalities of their own but all of them acted very well.




cast between filmingThe Chief Executive/Executive Producer, Executive in Charge of Production and Producer have the responsibility of auditioning and casting the core cast members during the pre-production period several weeks before actual production starts. Negotiations with the actors, usually through their agents, are held. and timetables are then planned by the Cast Coordinator.There are two teams of Assistant Directors. While one team is working on set, the other team is planning the next block of filming which includes scheduling cast and extras. Casting for Atlantis High was especially unique in the fact that every character was not ‘normal’ as we know life to realistically be. The story was set in a world of Bronzed Hunks and Beach Babes wandering around in fluorescent/bright shirts and bikinis, so a specific image was required when selecting cast and extras.

The Cast Coordinator arranges the life of the core cast members whilst they are in production. This includes flights, meetings, accommodation, liaison with the actors’ agents, handling any inquiries regarding cast, arranges cast for press meetings, internet obligations and ultimately anything that a cast member is involved in for the series.


Special Effects

Special Effects

There are a multitude of special effects used in Atlantis High from the green laser beams that shoot out of Mr. Dorsey’s eyes to a specially made (and quite revolting) oesophagus! As well as the actual special effects, certain tricks of the eye are used in scenes such as the one where Mr. Dorsey eats a mouse and the aliens eat rats! The stunning spaceship is the one effect used most frequently in the series and was created by a team of experts in Wellington especially for the show. It houses three alien beings that come from the strange world of Fenorg, a star system in a far away galaxy undiscovered by mankindÜuntil now.

Below we take a look at some of the special effects and have some exclusive preview photos…
Mr DorseyWhy does science-teacher Mr Dorsey sometimes seem as if he is speaking into a plant? Is there really a secret hidden camera inside that transmits Mr Dorsey’s messages to an alien civilisation thousands of light years away?Is Mr Dorsey an alien? With his long lizard-like tongue, he seems like one…
alien shipThere is a spectacular alien ship that appears in Atlantis High – it is the vehicle of the three intrepid alien travellers, Xeron, Vortex and Nebula. With its flashing lights and amazing speed, the ship is a sight to grace this – or any – universe.
Beanie certainly has weird ears but how different is he really? He is able to collect information in the most effective of ways. His eyes bulge and his mind whizzes. How does he do it?
This is the view from inside the alien ship. They have many adventures in and around Sunset Cove.