Dogs with jobs

I’m a Yorkshire Terrier and basically we’re not one of the breeds that was born to work. We eat, sleep, yap yap yap and are over excited little dogs. I prefer to laze on the windowsill of the conservatory or sit on the lap of Mrs Vermont than do anything physical. But if I am in a boyous mood then chasing the cat around the garden and terrorising the birds is my favourite past time.

But there a few dogs who were born to be heros. The Saint Bernard is of course famous for being a rescue dog – digging people from the snow or even swimming in to save them. They’re often depicted with a small barrel tied to their necks. This barrel holds whiskey and is used to warm up the person who’s just been saved.

Alaskan Malamutes pull sleds, Golden Retrievers hunt ducks, and Springer Spaniels make good sniffer dogs.

Cats are the most filthy, snotty, snobs of animals you could ever meet. Dogs hate cats and cats hate dogs and so me being a dog – I’m allowed to have that opinion.

So often you see cats perched in a window thinking they’re all high and mighty – licking their paws and washing themselves – pah! They should be rolling around in mud like we do!

I’ve never been ablet to understand cats. They love to taunt and tease us and so of course we like to chase them! I caught one once but after a mouth full of fur I let the retched thing go. Lucky for him!

My Happy Moments

Here are some things that make a dog very happy

  • Hanging out the window of a car
  • Running to meet your human when they get home
  • Chowing down food
  • Getting your belly rubbed
  • Playing fetch at the beach

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I’m soft, cuddly and cute and I live with the Vermont’s in Sunset Cove. I’ve been a dog all my life – here’s my guide to being a dog.


What it means to be a dog

Dog’s are man’s best friend. And why not? We are always dedicated to our owners and are happy to run around doing doggy things for them like fetching the newspaper or even the smelly slippers. We are pack animals and all we want is companionship and a loving home.

Doggy past times

Sniffing – There’s nothing quite like a smell. It wafts through the air and teases your nostrils. It sends signals to the brain that excite you and you just have to keep sniffing until you’ve satisfied the urge. Trees, lamposts, gates, fire hydrants are all good places for smells. These smells are often left by other dogs and are especially interesting. Smelling humans in certain places is not advised as it can make them very uncomfortable.

Digging – Sometimes we dig because we know we’ve hidden a bone and other times we dig just because we feel like it! We especially like to dig when we’ve been fenced in – there’s only one way out and that’s down and out! Make sure you dig up your owners garden once every now and again – it reminds them that you’re bored and they’ll buy you new toys.

Playing Fetch – How cool is this game? Most dogs love to play fetch especially if they’ve been trained properly to do it. Dogs always love a chase and a challenge and it’s part of our animal behaviour to chase food and bring it back to our family. What’s really funny is when we run off with the stick and our owners chase us all over the park – it’s classic!

Swimming – A nice hot day and your human takes you down to the beach or the river – bliss! You jump in and get totally sodden and then you run back to your human and give a good shake soaking them in the process. They love it, really!

Begging – You must have heard of the term puppy dog eyes – we dogs made it famous. We can put on the saddest little face when we want something and it’s extremely hard to refuse for any human. When we can smell that freshly pan fried steak on your plate how do you expect us to eat dog food? Begging is the best way to get a little of what we really want.

Some famous pooches

  1. Lassie
  2. Toto from The Wizard of Oz
  3. 101 Dalmatians
  4. Snoopy
  5. Rin Tin Tin
  6. Pluto

Marking Territory

Dogs are very territorial and there’s just nothing that can be done about it – it’s in our DNA.

The slightest smell of another dog in our territory and we have to mark it with our own smell. This called “leg lifting” and it’s very common practice among all dogs.

A warning to leg lifting dogs – never leg lift on an electric fence and never leg lift on your owner. You’ll regret it.

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Kissinger the dog is the cute and adorable pet of the Vermont family. He especially gets on well with Octavia.Kissinger likes nothing more than spending time at the Vermont’s beautiful house.

In an unexpected twist, Kissinger swallows the miniaturised spacecraft containing the aliens Xeron, Vortex and Nebula and becomes the pursued object of Commander Vermont and Mr Dorsey in a race to find the three aliens.


proves you can teach a dog new tricks. Rascal has been trained with great skill and is able to perform a wide range of tasks and behaviours. She loves the agility course and is a real performer.