Dogs with jobs

I’m a Yorkshire Terrier and basically we’re not one of the breeds that was born to work. We eat, sleep, yap yap yap and are over excited little dogs. I prefer to laze on the windowsill of the conservatory or sit on the lap of Mrs Vermont than do anything physical. But if I am in a boyous mood then chasing the cat around the garden and terrorising the birds is my favourite past time.

But there a few dogs who were born to be heros. The Saint Bernard is of course famous for being a rescue dog – digging people from the snow or even swimming in to save them. They’re often depicted with a small barrel tied to their necks. This barrel holds whiskey and is used to warm up the person who’s just been saved.

Alaskan Malamutes pull sleds, Golden Retrievers hunt ducks, and Springer Spaniels make good sniffer dogs.

Cats are the most filthy, snotty, snobs of animals you could ever meet. Dogs hate cats and cats hate dogs and so me being a dog – I’m allowed to have that opinion.

So often you see cats perched in a window thinking they’re all high and mighty – licking their paws and washing themselves – pah! They should be rolling around in mud like we do!

I’ve never been ablet to understand cats. They love to taunt and tease us and so of course we like to chase them! I caught one once but after a mouth full of fur I let the retched thing go. Lucky for him!

My Happy Moments

Here are some things that make a dog very happy

  • Hanging out the window of a car
  • Running to meet your human when they get home
  • Chowing down food
  • Getting your belly rubbed
  • Playing fetch at the beach

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