Things you do when you’re in love:

  1. Feel giddy and faint when seeing the person you love
  2. Get tongue tied and not know what to say when seeing the person you love
  3. Buy presents for (or receive presents from) the person of your dreams
  4. Smile a lot
  5. Spend all day thinking about the person you love

Love is not easy. There can be obstacles in the way of love. Sometimes I used to argue with Anthony – and he would even argue with me in return!

Rumours can plague a relationship. Many students at Atlantis would whisper crazy things that I was really Anthony and would dress up as him – and then dress as myself – because Anthony and Anthonia were never seen together? That’s a horrible thing to say. Anthony and I would not normally be seen together because – um… because… well… because we wouldn’t, that’s why!

You can tell sombody’s NOT happily in love when they are:
  1. Having dates. Lots of them (I mean the fruit called dates. Too many will give you indigestion!).
  2. Walking round town dressed up in a lifesize gorilla suit. This is not a way to attract someone and show’s the person is not in love.
  3. Being irritable all the time. If someone’s mega grouchy then this may be because they are very angry at something – when someone’s happily in love, they are normally happy.
  4. Avoiding movies, books or anything to do with the subject of love. This is trying to escape from the whole love thing and shows they want none of it!
  5. Buying loads and loads of boxes of tissues. This is to wipe away the tears of unhappiness. Or then again, maybe the person has a bad cold and needs to wipe their nose?

Jet says love is a conspiracy by toaster manufacturers. You fall in love, get married and buy a toaster in your new house then divorce – and have to buy another toaster.

It’s true I guess that things can pop up unexpectedly when you’re in love (and toaster’s pop up) so there may be a connection after all…

Sadly, Anthony and I have broken up – for good! Boo hoo hoo (pass me the tissues!). I feel like I have literally been split down the middle by our break up. And now, Anthony has left Sunset Cove and may never return. What am I going to do? How can I ever get over our love which I thought would last forever? I will truly never ever love again… actually hang on, on second thoughts, Mr Dorsey is quite handsome from a certain perspective…