Firstly you’ll just learn to paddle on your board – it’s not too hard and it’s the start of getting your balance correctly on the board. Then you’ll start to paddle with an incoming wave and you’ll feel such a rush that you’ll just want to stand up straight away – but I don’t advise it – I broke my nose on my board a few times before I got the hang of it.

When you’ve finally mastered the beginnings you’ll take your first stand on a small wave. You’ll think you’re the king of the world! Then you’ll promptly fall off and swim your way out again.


Surfers strolling down the streets in Sunset Cove are not necessarily surfers. Surfing is just the coolest thing in town so even if you just own a board and walk with it down the street occasionally then you’re part of the “it” crowd.

Then there’s the people who you might think are the posers but are in fact accomplished surfers. Commander Vermont is one of the best surfers in Sunset Cove! Would you believe!?

Josh is a fantastic surfer too and I’ve tried to convince Giles to take some lessons from him. Giles isn’t interested in surfing. He thinks he’s not tanned enough or something – but I think it might clear up his zits if he ever gave it a chance.

Five ways to look cool while you’re surfing

  1. Place your sunglasses on your head – not on your face

  2. Make sure you overdo your fake tan – it will keep you more protected from the sun and you’ll look like you’ve spent hours out in the sun on your board.

  3. Practice the “stance” – one arm in front of you and one arm behind you.

  4. If you’ve got it flaunt it if you haven’t cover it – bikini’s versus wetsuits.

  5. If there’s a cute guy or girl surfer near by, fall off your board and feign injury – they’ll come to your rescue if you’re lucky


Surfing will not put hairs on your chest – and if it does then I suggest you wax it off pronto!

Surfing will not always win you the girl/boy – but it sure can help!

Surfing in a wave pool is not cooler than surfing in the sea. Don’t listen to anyone that tells you otherwise.

Alien’s don’t surf – no matter how much they want to borrow your board – don’t let them!


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