You know knitting isn’t just for old nana’s. Knitting is a forgotten art! Let me tell you about my love of knitting at age 75.”



Knitting tips

  • When you knit socks – make sure you knit two.

  • Don’t let people call you a Knit Wit

  • Always be kind to sheep and goats.

  • Needles are your friends – don’t ever yell at them when you get it wrong or drop a stitch.

  • Follow the pattern or you might end up a with a three armed pair of pants.

  • Spin your own wool – but make sure it’s off the sheep before you start.


You know there’s more to knitting than booties and bonnets for grandchildren. I bet all of you picture knitting as an old woman sitting in her rocking chair on the porch knitting a pair of pink booties. Well I’m sorry to burst your little woollen bubble, but that’s just not the case.

Knitting is on the rise again! And more and more people are taking it up!

I’ve been knitting for near on 40 years. I started out knitting socks and scarves and slowly progressed to sweaters, cakes and toys.

I’ve come to master knitting like it’s been in my family for generations.

Dennis just has no idea about knitting. I once caught Dennis trying to thread the knitting needles! I tried to explain that knitting needles didn’t have an eye and she just looked at me all googly like I was talking rubbish. So I left her to it.


A lot of people take up knitting because it’s just so relaxing. Once you get into the groove of it your hands do all the work and you can almost forget you’re doing it. I once completely forgot I was knitting – I went down to the store to buy some eggs, I walked along the beach, I visited a close friend and by the time I got back I’d knitted a vest. It’s some of the best work I’ve done – a bright red vest – warms you in winter!

There’s all sorts of wool you can use too – double knit, triple knit, four ply and of course mohair. I once knitted Giles a mohawk out of mohair. He was only five and he looked like the coolest little punk at school. I was going to knit him a motorcyle helmet to wear when I took him for rides on my bike but he’s a bit claustrophobic and the wool over his face gave him a rash.

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