Giles my guinea pig

I have often used Giles as my model. I made him a lovely pair of pink mufflers to keep his ears warm during winter back home. Of course it didn’t matter that they were pink as Giles has always been a geek at school anyway so he didn’t really get hassled any more than usual.

For his 13th birthday I gave him my 1st prize winning pair of adult booties. Lovely blue woollen booties with little blue bows. Giles told me they were so special that he couldn’t possibly wear them and so he hung them on his wall instead. I actually think he was really proud of my work.

Dropping stitches

Clack clack clickety clack. I love the sound of knitting! But one sound I really hate is the sound of dropping a stitch. Actually it doesn’t make a sound but my cursing sure does. If you don’t pick it up early enough you might have to unravel rows and rows before you get to the row where you made the mistake. Actually sometimes I get carried away and unravel the whole thing until there’s a huge pile of curly wool on the floor. Then I jump on it like a kid… and… that’s probably quite enough information.

Spinning my own wool

I’m pretty good at spinning a yarn but I’m even better at spinning my own wool. When I was young I used to go to the markets to track down an old man that sold Angora goats. I’d take one home much to the despair of my mother. They were right little characters and used to chew my clothes and anything on the washing line! But they produced the most beautiful mohair wool. Sometimes I thought I might need a lawn-mohair to get it off their backs – get it?? Never mind, I can’t spin jokes.

One of my greatest accomplishments was a woollen cake. I knitted the whole thing in a day and lined it in cardboard. It was the perfect plan to getting Giles out of jail. Giles isn’t a bad boy mind you – just a little strange. I think he really needs a hobby to keep him out of trouble. He might even be interest in knitting. think I’ll have a word to him – man to man.

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