Since moving to Sunset Cove I’ve seen many insane people. I think I have a good overall knowledge of what defines such a person. Here’s my guide to some of the crazies in Sunset Cove”




Top 10 Tips on making people think you’re insane

1. Scratch your arms like you’re covered in fleas and let out an ear piercing scream every so often.

2. Drive your car in reverse everywhere you go.

3. Run down the street naked once a week.

4. Learn to master a twitch in your face.

5. Let out a high pitched mwahhahaa laugh at everyone you see.

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So, most people in Sunset Cove are pretty weird. There’s people that walk down the street in Scuba gear, nuns that sing and dance in the street, men that dress as women and all sorts of other weirdness that you may not expect to see in your own city.

There’s something not right about the old man that lives down our street. He will walk to his letterbox about 20 times a day and sing into it. But that’s not all. You can catch him riding his bicycle down the street and he’s absolutely butt naked! He’ll wave out with a big hello and all you can do is smile and wave back and hope he hasn’t seen the horror on your face. I guess these things you just come to accept – there’s always one in each street isn’t there?

You have to treat these people with respect, partly because you don’t know what they might do to you if you don’t, but also because each of us has a weird side and some just have a whole weird side more than us.

The Sunset Cove Asylum

A special asylum was set up in Sunset Cove a few years ago. Everyone who lives there wears a straight-jacket. They all live fairly normal lives and are free to come and go with a caregiver. They wear their straight-jackets around town so they’re easily spotted and each one wears a sign on their back saying “Kick me and I’ll eat your liver”

You know to stare clear of them and keep eye contact to a minimum. They remind me of Lector from Silence of the Lambs and usually after I’ve seen on in town I’ll have a nightmare that night and wake up screaming. Sometimes because of that, my mother thinks I’m insane myself.

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