The pink guy at the diner is pretty weird. He wears a pink wig, speaks with his teeth gritted together and has expressions on his face that make me think he’s always smelling the worst smell in the world. Where do they find these people?

I’m insane?

Yeah so I’m not the same as everyone else here in Atlantis High and I actually feel like the only “normal” one. But is that what everyone else thinks about themselves as well? I mean don’t we all consider ourselves “normal” and everyone else is different?

Top 10 Tips on making people think you’re insane – cont…

6. Keep a mouldy piece of cheese as your best friend and make sure you take him everywhere.

7. Don’t ever shower – make sure you smell as rancid as possible.

8. Dribble always

9. Cuddle every dog in the street if you can – they’ll make you smell even better

10. Look at everyone sideways – never make eye contact directly.

Jet considers herself completely normal but who else would need pentosodiumtriphosphate just to keep their temperament normal. She thinks a little oddly sometimes and is convinced there is a conspiracy behind absolutely everything – now isn’t that irrational? Are there voices in her head telling her this stuff?

Because I’ve heard that a lot of insane people are often confused with schizophrenics. These people often have more than one personality and can argue with themselves, hear voices and generally without medication their situation gets worse.

Antonia and Antony could be a perfect example of somesort of personality disorder. I mean really they have to be one in the same and why would someone go to all that trouble to pretend to be two people?

Wow – there really are some strange people around here.

Anyway the old man down the street has stopped his bike in front of my house so I had better go and make sure all my doors are locked.

I’ll see you soon – unless you see me first.

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