How do you know you need to see a psychologist?

  • Your doctor tells you that you’re crazy.
  • You talk to your hand ’cause your face ain’t listening.
  • You can’t get by for a day without phoning your Mommy.
  • The face in the mirror smiles back at you.
  • You can’t stop singing the theme tune to Coronation Street.

These are the most common symptoms that are displayed to me at my practice in Sunset Cove. I have seen most of the residents of the Cove and what more can I say – they all love their Mommies.

I had to go in to therapy once myself you know. I kept dreaming that all these crazy whacko people kept coming to see me. My therapist told me that I was an obsessive compulsive with an inferiority complex and that I needed to pull myslef together and stop eating rice crackers.

It is said that the only way that you can be normal is to be normal and I think that’s the best piece of advice I have ever heard. In fact it was me that said it to Mr. Dorsey and he seemed to learn a lot from it.

Psychology is all in the mind you know and once you have got your head round it there is nothing to be scared of.

I would recommend that you all go into therapy and start to read the complete works of renowned psychologist Young Karl.

Take a leaf out of Kissinger’s book and just get back to basics. Let your tongue hang loose and make sure that your coat is shiny.

That is what we all strive to do and is the root of psychology.