Hi, I’m Dr.Leggz but you can call me Dr. You want to know about psychology? What makes you want to know? Tell me about yourself…


There was a guy called Freud and he liked to think that everyone loved their mommies a little too much. He thought that if you lay down on a couch and talked about what you could see when you looked at splodges then he could cure you and you wouldn’t love your mommy so much anymore.

I first heard about Freud when I was 6 years old and I was at the swimming pool. A guy said “Look, there’s Freud” and I saw a magazine with a picture of the famous psychologist on the front. Ever since then I wanted to help people.

I got my auntie to buy me a book all about psychology and I tried it out on my pet rabbit. He looked like he needed help because all he ever wanted to do was to eat carrots and I thought that was a bit obsessive with a hint of an Oedipus complex.

I cured my bunny and he never ate another carrot as long as he lived – which wasn’t too long because Uncle Siberius decided that what we all needed to get a bit of meat on our bones was a nice rabbit stew.

Anyway, I went to college and became a psychiatrist. I studied Jung and jing jang and all sorts of things that have helped me look into the minds of the sick, the sad and the crazy.

Top Four Psychology Facts

1. If you want to do things a lot then you are known as obsessed.
2. If you love your mommy then you need help.
3. Look at paint splodges, they talk to you.
4. If you need to see a psychiatrist you’re probably crazy.

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