The most important thing to remember is that there are many different types of kissing.

You might see a guy who you just want to peck on the cheek. Like he’s a friend you know? So you pucker up and lean over and there you go, it’s all done in an instant.

You get a geek nerd boy like Giles who wants to give you a kiss at a birthday party okay. And you’re like totally not me. But if you have to do it because like he’s broken his leg or something then you can just do the air kiss thing. Mwah mwah, as far away from his cheek as you can get in case you catch his zits and okay move on now ’cause you’re totally invading my space.

Then there’s the kiss that you give a guy on a first date. You make sure that you are standing on one leg because that makes you look shorter and let’s face it, guys so go for tiny chicks – like Kylie. So then he leans in and you make sure that you get his lips in your teeth and nibble them just a little bit. Josh loves that.

And then there’s the snog. Like this is the one that is the one you know? You can use your tongue and make sure that you get lipstick smeared all over his face ’cause that’s so romantic and totally makes sure that your mark is on your guy. Like hands off he’s so so mine.

Top Five Kisses of All Time

Sabrina and Josh Montana
Sabrina and Silver Lining
Bad Mood and Silver Lining
Romeo and Juliet
Mr. Dorsey and Violet Profusion

So now you need to practice, practice, practice and maybe one day you’ll make the top 5 list and win some awards.

But until you get good, get real. Like totally don’t go near Josh okay? He’s mine for real.

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