“Hi, I’m Giles Gordon. Families often have secrets – you always hear stories and rumours. No two families are the same. So this is my guide to Family Secrets…”

5 things that might make you suspicious:

  1. Your parents using more than one identity
  2. Finding out your phone is being tapped
  3. When a family member disappears for weeks on end
  4. When you find mouldy cheese in your fridge
  5. Someone living in a sandcastle

“My family is certainly not your average family. But then whose is? My family consists of my mother Dorothy, Grampa and Me. At least that’s all I know of.

But there have been some things bothering me, niggling in my mind. Perhaps they’re family secrets but maybe I just imagine things.

For instance my Aunty Mae out West. Now where does she fit into the picture. I realise I have an aunty but I’ve never met her, know nothing about her and I’m stumped if I know where “out west” is!!

And how does the postman find her house? All letters that Mum sends her are sent to

To: Aunt Mae
Out West


Grampa is a funny old guy. We get along okay but we’ve never really talked, if you know what I mean. He’s never talked to me about his past or his friends and when I asked him what he used to do for a job he dodged the question like I dodge the beach.

As for Dennis… who is Dennis? I have no idea why Grampa calls Dorothy, “Dennis!” This is puzzling but then, so is Grampa, he’s definitely a few sandwhiches short of a picnic! Most Grampas might sit and watch some sport on tv or go and play bowls but Grampa likes to knit all day. Yeah so some people take it up as a hobby but Grampa is really good!! He even knitted me a cake. A cake of all things!!

Mum has never really said much about her past either. She never mentions my Dad. I figure they met at college but that the relationship never really took off. I wonder if I’ll ever find out?

Who is “Big D”? Grampa and Dorothy have been visiting the Hell’s Bikers and I’ve heard “Big D” mentioned. This must have something to do with their past, before I was born because I’d know about it otherwise. And what does the “Big D” have to do with Mrs Vermont?