Hi I’m Giles Gordon and I know first hand about weddings. Weddings have been a regular occurance in Sunset Cove recently and this is my guide to a wedding in Sunset Cove…


My Wedding Experiences
Weddings are supposed to be one of the happiest days of our lives. Marrying the one you love, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

There have been three weddings recently in Sunset Cove. Though not all of them have gone to plan.

I was never really sure if marrying Sophie was the right thing to do especially seeing as I felt I didn’t have a choice. And knowing that Octavia is still the girl of my dreams, I had to get out of it. So when Grampa gave me a push, that was all I needed, and I ran!! Sophie and her poltergeist were not impressed!!

I’m lucky I got out when I did or I would have been eating apple pies for the rest of my life.

5 ways to get out of a marriage

We sometimes make mistakes but getting to your wedding day and realising your mistake is cutting it a bit fine. But here are some sure ways to get around it.

1. Run for your life!!! (and don’t stop for a few days)

2. Tell your bestfriend they can finally have your partner ’cause you know they’ve always wanted them – and watch them pounce!

3. Fake your own death preferably in a gruesome way just to make it “real”.

4. Tell your partners parents you’re really an alien in disguise and you were planing to eat your wife/husband.

5. Tell your partner you’re in love with the Bridesmaid or the Best Man.

Octavia marrying Josh sent my head into a spin. I couldn’t believe it. Here was my vision of loveliness walking down the aisle with someone else! What can you do?

Sabrina has always wanted Josh Montana and she was in the same boat as I was. So it didn’t surprise me to find out her devious lan to get him! Money is everything to Sabrina and sacrificing someone’s happiness for it was all in a days work. She certainly made short work of Josh’s credit cards!