When looking for a soulmate…
In Sunset Cove there is no shortage

of babes and hunks so looks aren’t really a problem. You need to consider personality, their family, status, fortune, body hair, odour and any extras such as poltergeists. Hey! this is Sunset Cove and people here can be really shallow!How to Plan an Atlantis High Wedding

Firstly the woman should probably organise most of it or leave it to her parents. Leave the Groom to relax because he’s not usually good at organising anyway. But let him have a little input because he likes to feel important.

1. Pick your Bride/Groom (be careful choosing because you may have to spend the rest of your life with them)
2. Get your blood tests which are legally required in Sunset Cove
3. Find a sponsor
4. Find the location, making sure there is an escape route in case it’s necessary
5. Get married and live happily ever after

The Perfect Marriage – Jet and Beanie

These two needed only a little convincing before realising they were attracted to each other. They have many things in common and nothing comes between their love. Beanie wanted to be married to be “normal” and because he loves Jet. Although Jet may think that marriage is a conspiracy for toaster manufacturers she was prepared to put that behind her in order to marry her Beanie. And they lived happily ever after…. or did they?


Where to get married?

Everyone has their own idea on where they might want to be married. Here are some of my suggestions.

1. A church

2. The beach (always a good place in Sunset Cove)

3. A beautiful garden

4. In Las Vegas (Elvis style)

5. In space