Atlantis and I continued…

I now have a very keen assistant – Antonia. She has something called a “crush” on me, and she’s been helping me with my project. I am very grateful for her help and she found something very interesting. She found a quote saying “An H and an A will lead the vay” – if only we knew what it meant.

I feel like we are running in circles and squares and oblongs. But there are still many places to look. I’ve been out on a boat with Antonia but we didn’t really find much of importance. I’ve seen a cake that looked like Atlantis, I’ve searched the school looking for a link and I’m just about out of ideas!!

We have found many things that represent A and H but we have to find the right one if we are to succeed!

There are many people in Sunset Cove that could probably help me but everyone living in Sunset Cove is a little mysterious. They all seem to have a mission that they are undertaking. Everyone knows something but no one wants anyone else to know.

I sink zat Octavia knows something about Atlantis but zen I get zee feeling that she is working for somebody else already. I have to be very careful to keep my head down or I will get found out.

My locator beacon seems to be playing up and leading me all over zee place. Perhaps it is leading me in the right direction and I am not seeing why

Sunset Cove has many secrets and I believe it holds zee secrets to zee Lost City of Atlantis – and hopefully I will have the answers soon.