My name is Mr Dorsey and I am zee Science teacher at Atlantis High. I’m on the search for zee lost city of Atlantis. I’ve been researching Atlantis for many years now, so here is my guide.


Zee Atlantis Mystery
A famous Greek philosopher Plato (not Pluto like the planet) first wrote about zee misfortunes of Atlantis. He claimed zee story was true and that zee continent of Atlantis lay in zee Atlantic Ocean near zee Straits of Gibraltar and met it’s fate 10,000 years before he heard of it’s story.

Atlantis was a prosperous nation, a great and vonderful empire, run by a Utopian government (whatever Utopians are?). It was said to be zee size of Europe boasting beautiful cities, and advanced technology.

But Atlantis disappeared!! The disappearance was said to be punishment sent by the Greek God Zeus. The people of Atlantis had been a peaceful race but had bought about this punishment by becoming greedy over time and trying to expand their domain.

Another theory was that Antarctica was Atlantis. Maps drawn of Atlantis thousands of years ago are similar to Antarctica. And recently it has been proven that there was once life on Antarctica.

But Atlantis was known to hold great secrets of success and the answers to all questions.

Atlantis and I

I and my fellow Phenorgians have been looking for Atlantis for many light years. We know it holds zee key to many secrets and could help save our civilization on Phenorg.

General Yen and Haj have trusted me with the earthly mission of finding Atlantis.

Our planet is very small and our population is not growing – we need the secrets of Atlantis to keep our species thriving.

I came to earth with my mission in my mind. I knew that I had to find it. I knew very little and what information I could get from zee humans was very confusing. They tell me one thing, zen they tell me another thing and zen I don’t know which thing is what!

There have been some suggestions that the Atlantis High School has been built on zee lost city of Atlantis but I need proof!