The disasters of Sunset Cove
Really! Some people in Sunset Cove have no idea! If you want to be cool you have to look good. Giles Gordon is a perfect example of bad taste. Being such a geek he really needs to dress himself better – boring shirts and pants just doesn’t do it for me!

And Violet! Violet is so old! What on earth does she think she’s doing trying to be sixteen again!

I would give her some tips but I just don’t have the time… She has helped me get into some of the most expensive clothes around I suppose. Every week we have someone different sponsoring the school and the fantastic clothes they lend me just make school all worth while.

I couldn’t stand being at school if it wasn’t for the clothes. Snotty little geeks, and spotty little nerds. I’m sure everyone could be cool if they wanted to. Maybe I should run a “Be Cool” week at school just to teach them how.


I’m thinking of bringing out my own fashion label – “PINK”. I just know it would be adored in Sunset Cove.

I’ve even designed a brand new Fluffy Pink G String and some lycra/crocodile skin tights for Silver Lining.

Some pink “space ears” for Beanie,

A lovely twin set with polka dots for Sophie – pink of course.

And I’ve even thought about accessories – A pair of pink “horned rimmed glasses” for Mr Dorsey and a pink striped football for Coach Shane.

Fashion is great – it’s whatever you want it to be!