Mr. Dorsey happened to come across this secret message. He swallowed it whilst drinking a glass of punch at a recent party held in honour of the delightful Octavia Vermont.


“To the Master Plareion and all the little Phenegian Platosphormars…

We feel that we need to alert you to the fact that we, Xeron, Nebula and Vortex have seen some incredible sights here on Planet Earth and we wish to share some of our experiences with you to help you in your study of Earthlings.

The experience that we have enjoyed the most so far is the so called ‘party’ that we saw when we were buzzing around Sunset Cove whilst searching for our dear dicconyddian brother, Dorsey.

Every one of these Earthlings were dressed differently from how they normally appear and we think that they looked much better. There were a lot of colours in the costumes and everybody looked quite happy and jumped around a lot.

Some of the guests looked better in costume than they normally do!

There was lots of loud music and a very large man in a white glittery suit was singing and eating at the same time. He actually reminded us of Uncle Elvicldrorg at the 1000th Hatchling Gathering for newly hymogenised Phenorphates.

The Elvicldorg Impersonator

You remember how he sang the song about blue suede flippers and ate 2 dozen mouse burgers at the same time? Oh, those were the days my lords.

The more we travel the more we realise that there are some very strange customs and traditions on all the planets and particularly so here on Planet Earth.

There is a wide mixture of food at Earthling parties including a large cake that is set on fire so that somebody gets their eyebrows singed when they have to put it out. There are sausage rolls and little sandwich
hes. And there are wobbly jellies.

We saw Dorsey eating a green jelly and it reminded of the time that we attended the swamp wrestling competition in the Marshlands of the Pittlfghywez. Dorsey you might recall ate all the greenery from the swamp and there was nothing left to wrestle in! Fond memories indeed.

There are prizes given out for whoever looks the best at an Earthling party. Dorsey has obviously fitted in well to Earthling society and been accepted by the people of Sunset Cove because he won the prize for best costume at this party!

Dorsey wins the prize!

We think that Dorsey is looking good and healthy and think that he is enjoying his time on Earth. It is good that he has become an accepted member of the Earthling society.

But we think that the prize for the best costume should go to the boy with the big ears and the blue outfit. He really looks like he would fit in to any Phenorg gathering.

Our favourite costume