So what do Sunset Cover’s like to do while on Holiday?

“I like a low key holiday – spending time with the family – nothing too exhausting – watching tv, reading a book. Spending time with Octavia would be my dream holiday – maybe catching a movie or going to the library.”

Things you must NOT do on holiday!

  1. Eat suntan lotion – it’s just not right!
  2. Relax for too long in the sun and get burned.
  3. Pick out the wrong random phrases from foreign language phrase books – like if you’re asking for directions to the shops and you instead ask “can you tell me my name?”
  4. Homework
  5. Go on holiday and leave your family at home.

Coach Shane

“Holidays! Woohoo! I’d go to the gym of course – nothing too strenuous just a little workout for maybe 4 hours a day – checking out the talent while I’m there – then a sauna and a spa to wash it down. Then on to Vegas! A little gambling at the casino’s, checking out the nightlife and party, party party!!”


“Oooh holiday’s I remember those. My whole life’s a holiday now – being retired and all. These days television keeps me entertained! I’ve 238 channels to surf so there’s no way I’m about to get bored. Something I’d like to do if I did get away would be to visit a television factory. I’d love to see how they shrink everyone to get them into that little box.”


The only holiday you’ll ever find me taking is a shopping holiday! My favourite places are Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Champs-Elysees in Paris, Harrods and Oxford St in London, and of course the fashion capital, Milan, Italy. I always take at least 7 credit cards with me and I usually take a months shopping holiday. I’ve got a reputation to uphold in Sunset Cove!

Josh Montana

I’m drawn by the aroma of females so a nice beach is always the best place for me to holiday. As long as there are females around then I’m basking in the sun and soaking up all that lavish attention. Coach Shane has given me some great tips over the years. As long as the sun is shining and a mirror isn’t too far away, I’m in heaven..