Holiday time comes around a few times a year and it’s great to have a break, put your feet up or get away. Sunset Cover’s love holidays too and here is their guide to Holidays.

Where do you g
o on holiday?

Most people like to get away during the holidays. Get away from work, home, and all the normal day to day things.
Where do you and your family go on holiday?

Beachside towns are often very popular during summer holidays – people want to relax, bask in the sun, eat whatever they like and play in the surf.

A family bach? In some countries owning a family holiday home or bach is quite common. The family pack up and live at their other house to get away from things and spend quality time with the family.

Things you must do on holiday!

  1. Sunbathe
  2. Swim
  3. Surf
  4. Eat plenty
  5. Relax

A travelling holiday – the family all bundle into the car and venture off to explore more of their country. Travelling from place to place, taking in the sights and having lots of fun on the way.

A skiing holiday – during winter months a skiing holiday can be great fun. Depending on how close you are to a mountain it’s an activity the whole family can get in to.

A stay at home holiday – sometimes families just need to relax at home – catch up on housework or renovations – perhaps have friends or family members come and stay.

What do you do?

Relaxing is what holidays are all about – this doesn’t necessarily mean lazing around doing nothing but giving your mind and body a rest from the everyday stresses of life. To get away and be in different surroundings is good for body, mind and soul.
Holiday’s are also a great time to catch up on shopping – get a group of friends together and spend the day shopping – another great way to feel good.

Get out and about and do something you’ve never tried
before – bungy jumping, horse riding, the biggest roller coaster at the funpark.

Holiday’s in Sunset Cove

Holiday time in Sunset Cove is humming! People swarm from everywhere to enjoy the warm weather and the fantastic beaches.

The shops get bigger and brighter and the local Icecream man is out in full force. The population in Sunset Cove swells to twice the size during the holidays – there’s always plenty of bronzed hunks and beauties to be found.

The residents of Sunset Cove really put it on for the tourists during the holidays. All sorts of activities are run for the younger kids like treasure hunts on the beach, lolly scrambles in the trees, and pin the tail on the alien.